With regular routine dental health checks from Field House Dental in East Sussex:

  • You can get expert help from our highly-skilled dentists  to identify potential problems as soon as possible
  • We can give you advice about which treatments could improve your dental health.
  • Our respectful dentists really listen to your concerns about your teeth and gums (and we will give you a tailor made treatment plan)
  • We will use state of the art photography and imaging to help you to make decisions about treatment options.
  • You can bring all the family for dental health checks so we can look after you all under one roof.

Making an appointment is easy

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 Why Choose Field House Dental Practice?

Is it a while since you had a thorough dental examination?

Or are you just worried about your oral health and the oral health

of your family?

At Field House Dental we focus on preventing dental problems.

We want to provide as little treatment as possible for you!

We want you to enjoy the feeling of a healthier mouth.

An extensive dental health examination in the dental chair at

Field House Dental Practice in East Sussex

and further regular check-ups are the best way to carry on.

How it works?

  • We will ask you questions and LISTEN to any concerns you have about your dental health

  • We will have a good look at your teeth, gums and all the important areas around your mouth to make sure everything is as good as it should be.

  • We will decide if we need to take x-rays and often we will take photographs to help to explain any problems to you.

  • We will talk you through options for any further treatment.

During your dental health check we will look for things like:

  • Tooth decay
  • Unhealthy gums
  • Problems with excessive wear of the teeth
  • Signs of jaw joint problems
  • Problems with your crowns or fillings

The dental health check also includes screening for oral cancer

We want you to ask as many questions as you like

Then we can create a bespoke treatment plan for YOU!

Finance Plans

Our practice provides a dental treatment on a private, fee per item basis. In addition we also offer two Denplan Membership plans to help you manage the cost of thorough regular dental care.

Are you Nervous about visiting the dentist?

If you feel apprehensive about visiting the dentist, please let us know.

Our caring staff are used to helping nervous patients

We will help to relax and we will take the time to discuss your treatment with you and address any concerns.


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