Denplan for Adults

Our practice membership plan is called Denplan Essentials

Our practice membership plan is a way of helping you budget by spreading the costs of your regular dental examinations and your hygienist visits over the year. The costs have been set up so that you will pay less than you would if you were a pay as you go patient but there are other really great benefits as well.

Included with our practice membership:

  • All your dental assessment visits (as prescribed by the dentist)
  • All your hygiene maintenance visits (as prescribed by the dentist and hygienist)
  • All clinically necessary x rays are INCLUDED AT NO EXTRA COST (usually £13 each)
  • Emergency visits are INCLUDED AT NO EXTRA COST (usually £81)
  • 10% preferential reduction in fees for ALL dental treatments (excluding cosmetics)
  • Worldwide dental injury insurance
  • Emergency dental treatment when you are away from your own dentist
  • Hospital cash benefit
  • Overseas emergency dental treatment
  • Mouth cancer cover
  • Family discounts if on the same plan
  • 10% off teeth whitening


It does Not include:

  • Any other dental treatments


We truly feel that this is the best way that we can look after our patients.Your dentist will assess the health of your mouth at your first visit and put you into a fee band based on how often you need to visit us to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.


Illustration of costsPay as you go fees

  • 2 x Dental Health Assessments with your dentists £63 x 2 = £126
  • 2 x Hygiene Maintenance visits with your hygienist £74 x 2 = £148


Denplan Essentials practice membership fees for 2 x Dental Health Assessments and 2 x Hygiene Maintenance visits

Fee- £21.93 PER MONTH

TOTAL COSTS- £263.16

So £10.84 less over the year PLUS all the benefits above!