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Claire Smith's Story

Adult Orthodontics

I had been unhappy and embarrassed about my teeth for many years. After having three teeth removed and fixed braces for three years as a teenager, I was extremely disappointed that my teeth had reverted back to their former positions and I was feeling reluctant to go through similar treatment again as a young adult.

I was unsure what treatment would be required and how much it would cost for me to have the smile I wanted. Before I made my decision I enquired about a consultation from a number of dentists, including my family dentist and was put-off by the price of a consultation (£50-£60) and the duration quoted for the treatment (up to 3 years). I then discovered Dental Elegance on the internet, browsed the website which led to me making the call.

With a free consultation, I had nothing to lose in booking an appointment and seeing what Dental Elegance could offer. Shortly after my consultation, I made the decision to go ahead with the 12 month treatment plan that Chris had offered which included a filling, removal of a lower front tooth, fixed braces and replacement of a crown on an upper front tooth.

I trusted that Chris had fully understood my need and made the effort to build a treatment plan that suited me as an individual and would give the best possible result. It was clear to me from Chris’ professionalism and caring manner that I was in the best place to get the result that I wanted. Chris took photographs at most of my appointments to show and explain clearly what was involved in each appointment, in advance for me to agree and prepare for what was next.

Chris stuck to the plan, my treatment finished on time and the result exceeded my expectations. Since my treatment, my confidence has grown significantly and I’m no longer embarrassed about my teeth. Prior to my treatment, I graduated from university and looking back at my graduation photographs it’s noticeable that I was reluctant to smile. For this reason, I wish I had decided to have the treatment earlier.

In my current employment I’m known as a ‘smiley face’ person. I have recently been involved in filming some sales and marketing videos which I wouldn’t of had the confidence to do before I had the treatment. I am convinced that my ‘smiley face’ approach has led to my successful reputation and recent progression to a new career opportunity.

Following the completion of my treatment, family and friends asked where I had been treated as they were astounded at the difference it had made to my life. Since then my Sister has begun a treatment plan, a friend has been for her first consultation and another friend completed her treatment plan in time for her wedding. My Sister is particularly nervous at the dentist but after seeing the results from my treatment and hearing about the quality of care I had experienced, she went ahead with the treatment.

The results speak for themselves as to whether it was a good investment of time and money:


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