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Justine's Story

Adult Orthodontics

I had my teeth done with Chris nearly 4 years ago now and I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made.

When I booked my consultation with Chris I was convinced there was going to be nothing he could do for me other than ‘train tracks’ which as a 23 year old I was opposed to! I ended up signing up there and then for invisalign, whitening and bonding. Over the next 9 months as my teeth transformed I could not fault Chris. He is a perfectionist and you really feel he wants the outcome to be the best for you. Even doing a ‘mock up’ on my teeth of what the bonding would look like. The treatment has impacted my life massively as I never used to smile in photos and was always very conscious of my teeth. Once they were completed the compliments I got were amazing – a lot of my friends then went on to see Chris. I was worried that the invisalign would be a pain when going out etc but most people wouldn’t even notice it. It feels like a long journey whilst you are having it done but whats 9 months out of your life for your perfect smile! I couldn’t recommend Chris enough and I always say to my friends I would pay it all over again!


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