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A few years ago, I had a lot of problems with my teeth. I was recommended Field House Dental Practice by a friend because they paid such good attention to her teeth, which had been in the same bad shape as mine were then. Moving to the practice was the best thing I ever did. Now my teeth are in really good condition and are cared for regularly. Recently I had a tooth fall out due to old problems (these things happen) and what excellent job they did on replacing it! The implant is fantastic and you wouldn't know it wasn't my own.

Also, having spent years as a child having more fillings than I cared for, I used to be scared of going to the dentist, but the dentists - Chris and Janet Ibbot - both clearly explain what they are are doing/going to do and do it with such consideration I never have those moments of fear anymore. Little touches like having pictures/relaxing movies in the eye-line above the chair make a surprising difference too. I no longer worry about my appointments but look forward to getting things done and done well.

To top all of this, the reception and hygiene staff are really friendly, helpful and cheerful as well. I highly recommend this practice.