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During a routine check-up, Chris informed me that two adjacent back teeth were showing signs of the old mercury amalgam fillings leaking into the teeth. He explained the consequences of this if left untreated, and recommended ceramic onlays as the most suitable way of saving the teeth from further deterioration and generally giving them a new lease of life.

He also clearly explained the procedure including any possible snags as well as the cost, all of which I went away to consider for a few days before deciding to go ahead and booking the two quite lengthy appointments. The first to drill out the old fillings, generally prepare for the onlays and fit temporary fillings, and the second about a fortnight later to fit the onlays that had been made in a dental laboratory.

I have been very satisfied with the results, and with the standard of workmanship and care from Chris and all the support staff throughout. As a general observation, I do not have naturally strong teeth so the fact that I have managed to keep them all well into my sixties speaks very well of the Field House practice of which I have been a client for over 25 years.