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Both myself and my wife came to Chris for teeth straightening after we missed out on having this done in our teens. We initially met with a couple of other local orthodontists and Chris stood out as being experienced and enthusiastic to help. I'm now very happy with the outcome and my wife (who's braces are due to be removed soon) is very happy with progress too. I also found the Fieldhouse reception team to be helpful and accommodating . Highly recommended. Thanks Chris.


I am absolutely delighted with the results. I just wish I had done it earlier in life!
Thank you so much help and attention to detail throughout the whole process.


A few years ago, I had a lot of problems with my teeth. I was recommended Field House Dental Practice by a friend because they paid such good attention to her teeth, which had been in the same bad shape as mine were then. Moving to the practice was the best thing I ever did. Now my teeth are in really good condition and are cared for regularly. Recently I had a tooth fall out due to old problems (these things happen) and what excellent job they did on replacing it! The implant is fantastic and you wouldn't know it wasn't my own.

Also, having spent years as a child having more fillings than I cared for, I used to be scared of going to the dentist, but the dentists - Chris and Janet Ibbot - both clearly explain what they are are doing/going to do and do it with such consideration I never have those moments of fear anymore. Little touches like having pictures/relaxing movies in the eye-line above the chair make a surprising difference too. I no longer worry about my appointments but look forward to getting things done and done well.

To top all of this, the reception and hygiene staff are really friendly, helpful and cheerful as well. I highly recommend this practice.


During a routine check-up, Chris informed me that two adjacent back teeth were showing signs of the old mercury amalgam fillings leaking into the teeth. He explained the consequences of this if left untreated, and recommended ceramic onlays as the most suitable way of saving the teeth from further deterioration and generally giving them a new lease of life.

He also clearly explained the procedure including any possible snags as well as the cost, all of which I went away to consider for a few days before deciding to go ahead and booking the two quite lengthy appointments. The first to drill out the old fillings, generally prepare for the onlays and fit temporary fillings, and the second about a fortnight later to fit the onlays that had been made in a dental laboratory.

I have been very satisfied with the results, and with the standard of workmanship and care from Chris and all the support staff throughout. As a general observation, I do not have naturally strong teeth so the fact that I have managed to keep them all well into my sixties speaks very well of the Field House practice of which I have been a client for over 25 years.


As an established patient of Field House Dental Practice for many years, I have always been impressed by the service level. Since Chris and Janet took over however, the Practice has, in my view, gone further from strength to strength.

Facilities are being upgraded, Support Staff are most professional but still very friendly and the clinical delivery is increasingly impressive. Quite apart from doing her job of cleaning my teeth, Victoria manages to be delightfully motivational concerning 'self-help' in between check-ups.

I recently had to undergo a deep filling courtesy of Chris, which was the least unpleasant, completely pain and discomfort free, dental experience I have ever had. Underpinning this was a level of communication in language I could understand, delivered with friendly yet professional re-assurance, that I have not previously experienced in my 60 odd years of visiting dentists. I even got to watch a crucial two frames in the snooker World Championship whilst Chris was doing his stuff!


Dear Chris,

I would like to say my experience with you as my dentist has been a very positive one.

You took time to explain to me exactly what you were doing and why. The procedures never felt rushed and I felt completely at ease.

I would say to anyone considering treatment with you to go ahead and they will not be disappointed. In actual fact, you have given me my confidence back, for which I thank you.

My treatment was excellent and I received many positive comments. It’s great to smile and be proud of my teeth.

You only have one set of teeth and I believe any money and time spent is a good investment, even though my mum paid for them.

Thank you for your patience, kindness and understanding ways towards a very anxious dental patient.


I had been wanting to straighten my teeth for a good few years after my perfectly straight teeth began shifting in my mid-twenties, it had come to a point where my top front teeth had become quite crooked.

I wanted a treatment that would not take too long and since I only wanted my front 4-6 teeth straightened I set my sights on the Inman aligner after some research.

Thankfully the Inman aligner was a suitable option, Dr Chris explained its limitations, especially on rotated teeth and how it would work and roughly how long it could take.

I was very happy with the information given and after a few months treatment with the Inman aligner (a visit to the dentist every 2 to 3 weeks during treatment) and a one month treatment at the end with a clear aligner for a very stubborn tooth, I am very pleased with the results and glad that I finally had my teeth straightened....wish I had done it earlier!

I am thankful to have taken the time to find a great dental clinic with a professional and friendly dentist in Dr Chris Ibbott, who took the time to listen to my concerns and explained the treatment process perfectly putting me at ease before and during the treatment.

A very big thank you to Dr Chris Ibbott.


Dear Janet,

Just a short note to thank you for all your help and care over the last four years, since I moved to Wadhurst.

You have combined a thoroughly reassuring professional approach with a relaxed and friendly demeanour. I have been particularly pleased with the way you have managed my rather poor teeth.

There has been no drama over the sometimes difficult repair work and while I would have preferred not to have had the procedures, I am certain my teeth are now in far better condition that a few years back.

I would strongly recommend your care to potential patients who are thinking of joining your practice. Professional, skilled and friendly sum it up.


Janet and her team have transformed, not only my teeth, but how I feel about visiting the dentist. I had avoided a dental check for year and after sobbing in her chair, Janet informed me that I needed root canal and many other fillings. My level of terror was a full tilt.

Janet assured me that we would take the treatment one step at a time and convinced me how gentle and patient she would be. What can I say? She was incredible. Calm, precise and the most caring dental assistant in the world.

I couldn’t recommend Janet and her team highly enough if you are a nervous patient. I no longer have any anxiety when visiting the dentist. In fact, I almost enjoy it, knowing that they look after me so compassionately and my fear is finally conquered.


Dear Janet,

My experience of treatment was excellent. I am so pleased with my treatment and the care I received was second to none. I felt safe, there were laughs and a caring hand to hold with constant re-assurance.

My whole experience of being a patient at Field House Dental Practice, from reception to nursing staff, was professional, kind and helpful.

I would advise prospective patients to try them, you won’t be disappointed.


I visited Chris Ibbott for a consultation, I am generally a nervous patient when it comes to dental work, however as soon as I walked into Chris' surgery I was greeted by a friendly face and a very relaxed atmosphere. Chris listened to my problems and understood from the outset how unhappy I was with my teeth and desperate I was to change them, he provided numerous options for me to consider and timeframes for us to work towards. Chris was insightful, helpful and always willing to listen and accommodate my needs throughout the planning stage.

During all my numerous appointments Chris made each session stress-free and made sure my nervous nature around dentists was taken into consideration and I was as comfortable as I could be.

After completion of my treatment, I am so grateful to Chris for the confidence I now have with my smile and the level of service he provided. I have recommended Chris Ibbott to all my friends and family and would rate him a 10/10 for the services he delivered. I strongly advise anyone unhappy with their smile to contact Chris Ibbott as you will not be disappointed.


Dear Chris,

I have had a number of treatments  in the last couple of years and I have been extremely pleased with all the work done! Customer care by Dr Chris and all the staff was excellent, I felt reassured at all times and my comfort was considered a priority.

I am for the first time pleased with how my teeth look and I am much more confident in my smile! I have never regretted the time and money put into my treatment and would fully recommend Dr Chris . I will most definitely for any further treatment I may want in the future!


I would like to thank you for the fantastic service I received from you regarding the implant and bonding. I have to say I was very nervous about everything, but you explained (very patiently, I might add) everything that was going to happen to me. I would recommend anyone to “go for it” and get the best treatment you recommend, I can honestly say that it has had a very positive effect on my life and I feel more confident and outgoing, and do not mumble behind my hand. The amount of time my treatment took was quite reasonable and though the cost wasn’t cheap it was money very well spent. Again, thank you.


Chris is an amazing dentist! He explained clearly what I needed to have done to achieve the smile I wanted and after straightening, whitening and four veneers, I have the teeth I've always wanted!!! Everyone is friendly and helpful and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them! I wont be using any other dentist again.

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