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Why choose Field House Dental Practice?

From the first consultation through to the end of the treatment process, we make sure our patients are well informed about what will be involved.

A veneer is a thin slice of porcelain or tooth-coloured composite that is made to fit precisely over the front surface of a tooth.

It is an ideal solution to instantly improve the appearance of your teeth. You can transform teeth that are chipped, worn, discoloured or misshapen.

Veneers fit over the front surface of a tooth, similar to a false fingernail. They are bonded to the tooth and are very strong and durable. The fitting process of veneers often requires very little tooth reduction or damage.  

At Field House Dental Practice We don’t use veneers as much as we used to. A lot of misalignment cases that would have involved veneers are now treated with orthodontics, followed by cosmetic bonding. However, sometimes, when there is discolouration or irregularities within the surface enamel, porcelain veneers are the best option.

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